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Establishment of the Company

The Investment Complex for Building Materials, which is commercially known as “INCOMA”, was established in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 5 of 1997 on the Encouragement of Foreign Capital Investment and its Executive Regulations and the provisions of the Libyan Commercial Law. Commercial Register No. 45890 and investment register No. 40 and started its activity in the city of Misurata Libya with the establishment of ceramic tile factory under the license No. 032 of 30/9/2007.

The Capital

The company was established with a capital of twenty (20) million Libyan Dinars, with a total investment of about fifty five (55) million Libyan Dinars, making it one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of ceramics and tiles in Libya.


The factory offers about 290 job opportunities directly in various disciplines, as well as indirect jobs such as transportation, handling, services, distribution and more.

Machinery and Equipment

The factory consists of two lines for the production of ceramic floor and wall tiles, which include the following machines and systems:

System of weighing and processing of raw materials.
Equipment for grinding and blending of raw materials.
Storage silos.
Painting lines.
Sorting and packaging system.

The factory also includes a automated system for the transfer of ceramic wall and floor tiles from one production stage to another, and an integrated unit for the preparation of coatings in addition to forklifts and bulldozers for the handling of raw materials, final products and operating requirements.


The company is based in the industrial zone of ​​Kararim in Misurata, on a plot of land of more than six (6) hectares, which includes an industrial building, laboratories, administrative headquarters and all its service facilities.

Company Activity

The company’s objectives are in the manufacture of all kinds of building materials and their various products and sale and distribution. The company started implementing the ceramic tiles project with a production capacity of four million square meters annually.
The actual production started in 2008.

Raw Materials

The company relies on domestic raw materials from clay and packaging materials to packaging, and also imports paints, printing and other additives from abroad.

Other Facilities

The factory includes an integrated laboratory for the purpose of research and development to achieve optimum utilization of production inputs and gives the best quality within the lowest costs to provide the best at the most appropriate price. The factory also has another laboratory to determine the conformity of production quality to the technical specifications adopted in this field and another unit specialized in printing designs and determining the appropriate paint.

The company has several stores equipped with suitable equipment for its intended purposes; some of them are for spare parts and operating requirements, as well as storage areas for raw materials (clay) and another yard to store the final production.

The headquarters of the company consists of an administrative building of three (3) floors designed and equipped to enable various departments to perform their work comfortably, and provide the best working environment, the headquarters also includes a building for the departments concerned with production and quality, while another building was allocated as housing for workers.


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